Lithium Batteries for an Electric Golf Cart

by Bill
(Cortland, NY)

My golf cart has a 48volt system requiring 6 eight volt batteries. existing US batteries are on last legs and shopping for new ones. Trojan and US Batteries are touted to be the ones to get; Sam's Club has "Energizer" at a cost that is about half of the top two.

Do you know of any other that I should be considering?

Hi, Bill -
Lithium, maybe.

I included a helpful video above to highlight the advantages of lithium golf cart batteries over the traditional lead acid golf cart batteries.

Trojan and US are certainly the top rated golf cart batteries, and as you noted, also kinda spendy as an initial investment.

The question is whether or not you think it's worthwhile to invest more in the beginning, or whether you'd prefer to buy more battery packs down the road.

Long term, lithium lasts longer and performs better. In terms of long term cost, lithium is actually the cheapest way to go, and it is getting cheaper all the time.

Thank you for writing in!


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Li-ion batteries for golf cars
by: Anonymous

Checkout they have direct replacement lithium batteries and you usually don't have to change charger or anything, just plug & play. Range is way better and cart is faster - great upgrade.

Lithium Boost has the solution!
by: Anonymous

Lithium Battery Solutions for Low Speed Electric Vehicles
Our battery and management system is powerful, durable, and ecologically friendly.
Our system is modular and easily integratable with the existing system.

by: Anonymous

I was hoping to see some of the answers from previous questions. I am interested in converting my golf cart to the lithium batteries. Which size of battery and charger was used? Where from and how much?

what do I need
by: bill

My Bad Boy Buggy, which is a souped up golf cart, currently runs on 8 6v Trojan T-145s. What would be needed to changeover to Lithium?

Lithium Batteries
by: Electric Carman

I like the idea of Lithiums, but don't you need to change out the charger, controller and to charge the batteries based on the algorithms.

The charger, yes, unless your old one is programmable - but the controller, no.
- Lynne

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