Little Red (Electric) Corvette

by J R Spoor
(Oklahoma City, OK)

I have an old '73 Corvette that's been my shop for the last 5 years collecting dust, and it just hit me, why not convert it to electric?

The 'vette differential is bolted to the body, it's NOT unsprung weight, so direct drive seems to make sense. And the car is lightweight, with room for batteries on both ends.
The conversion has to be usable, and by that I mean performance, (speed and range) because if it won't get out of it's own way, then I don't want to mess up a sharp car, (candy-apple red, t-tops, side pipes).
I know that on my budget (my wife will kill me if this goes wrong), I'm not going to wind up with anything like the TESLA, but, other than the batteries, WHY NOT?
Now I need all the advice available so I can gather what ever parts needed for project.

Hi, JR!
What fun...a sweet little 'vette and a head full of possibilities; )
The first thing I'd do is contact TexomaEV. You'll meet an experienced converter there named Mike Barkley (here's his electric Mits Eclipse picture on the EV Photo Album) who can help you with the next part of your EV education.

You can make a very fast electric sports car, but - I might as well warn you right now - it's horribly addictive. Very, very, very addictive. Yes; )

Best of luck with your project, JR!


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