Mazda Pickup Electric Car Conversion

by Brian

Me and my father are wanting to convert our Mazda truck into an EV, but we both have no idea as to what we are doing. My question is how do I know what motor to get, controller, vac pump, ac compressor, batteries and how many and my range, a charger?

Hi, Brian -
The trick is to find somebody who's done what you want to do, and who's done it really well, and then follow in their footsteps.

Fortunately for you, Steve Clunn from Grassroots EV in Florida has converted quite a few little pickups to electric, including a couple of Mazdas, and he definitely knows what he's doing!

He used a 9 inch series wound DC motor in his Mazda pickup, with a 120v system - 20 6v golf cart batteries, 120v 400 amp Curtis controller. This is very standard stuff that you can do, too. He claims 60 mile range, 60 mph top speed.

The vac pump and air conditioning? Steve can help you with that stuff. His number at Grassroots EV in Ft. Pierce Florida is 772-971-0533.


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