MG Midget Electric Car Conversion Kit?

by Mark
(Plainville, CT)

MG Midget Electric Car Conversion

MG Midget Electric Car Conversion

I am ready to rip apart my MG Midget to convert it to electric.
Which kit is recommended for this type of vehicle, and what would the cost/availability be?

Hi, Mark -

Allen Antonucci from Duke's Garage says:

"Lots of people make generic EV kits none of which I know anything about.

I would research which type a battery's you want to use first, because the cheaper the battery usually equals more weight. Lithium Ion battery packs run us around 13K. You need a motor, motor controller, charger, terminals and wire.

You could spend 10k-35k depending on which parts you decide to use. There are online stores for golf cart parts that should have everything you'll need."

Thank you, Allen!
- Lynne

Duke's Garage is a conversion shop in Westminster, CO which specializes in classic and custom electric car conversions.

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