MG Midget Electric Car Conversion Kit?

by Mark
(Plainville, CT)

MG Midget Electric Car Conversion

MG Midget Electric Car Conversion

I am ready to rip apart my MG Midget to convert it to electric.
Which kit is recommended for this type of vehicle, and what would the cost/availability be?

Hi, Mark -

Allen Antonucci from Duke's Garage says:

"Lots of people make generic EV kits none of which I know anything about.

I would research which type a battery's you want to use first, because the cheaper the battery usually equals more weight. Lithium Ion battery packs run us around 13K. You need a motor, motor controller, charger, terminals and wire.

You could spend 10k-35k depending on which parts you decide to use. There are online stores for golf cart parts that should have everything you'll need."

Thank you, Allen!
- Lynne

Duke's Garage is a conversion shop in Westminster, CO which specializes in classic and custom electric car conversions.

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Completed in 2012
by: Mark

Completed 6 years ago...

Installed a single high speed 12 volt motor
to run the attached generator head...
Same type motor to run the standard transmission. ..
I now drive continously for 12 hours before I get tired...
The system keeps a single 12 volt lithium batter charged
for which is used to crank the motor over to start the
motor on the generator. Once this is running, I am able
to engage the transmission to run accordingly...

Detail not to be released as it can jeopardize the future
of this development project...

Nice to drive to Niagara Falls from New Haven Ct non-stop...

Mg converssion
by: Edgar Mata

Go to alibaba and look for

High Power DLDC motor, Electric car conversion kits / EV parts / Accessories / Components

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