Military Truck Electric Conversion to Rat Rod!

I want to pull the engine, tranny, and bed off my M35A2, shorten the frame a bit, leave the 3 axle configuration, and convert this thing to a rat rod.

I don't know though, what kind of motor I would need to pull this roughly 10k lbs behemoth.

Any help would be great.

Sounds like fun!

I asked Green Shed Conversions what motor etc. they would recommend, and they said you'd want a warP 11" for that big boy with a 2k Zilla.

It turns out they have a 1956 Ford F500 dualie they pulled the guts out of and turned into electric, so they've done a conversion this size before - and you can buy the parts you need from them if you like.

Green Shed offers an interesting option called assisted conversion at their Florida shop: People bring their vehicle in that they want to convert, do the work themselves in the conversion shop, get hands on experience and help with the work, and then they leave after two weeks with a completed conversion!

It's a nice step half way between doing all the work yourself and having someone else do it all for you, and it's cheaper than full conversion service, too: )

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your project!

- Lynne

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