Motor for Electric Boat Conversion

by Palawan

150lb. boat, efficient thru the water, for EV conversion

150lb. boat, efficient thru the water, for EV conversion

What motor would you suggest for electric power for a boat like this?
Eventually I would like to put solar panels as a bimini top. It's simple and cheap for local fisherfolk.

Hi, Palawan -
Jim Husted from Hi-Torque Electric says, "Questions like this are tough to answer with absolute positivity.

Things you’d need to consider would be, how much total load will it be carrying in people, fish, motor, and batteries.
I believe just as in a car driving conditions apply and in this case is there a tide waves or currents that may need to be factored in.

In general, I believe a large brushed (not a short comm. version) would do a good job and with 50+- pounds of motor mass offering enough motor mass to prevent overheat. Being voltage is for speed and current is for torque, I believe a 48 volt 400 amp system would fit the bill (for most)."


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