Need to charge new golf cart batteries?

by George

Is it necessary to charge new batteries when installing?

Hi, George -
Battery University says that if your batteries are lead-acid, they come already charged when you buy them, but it's a good idea to top them up.

Lithium and Nickel batteries come partially charged and will need to be charged up before you take off.


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New batteries no movement
by: Tiffany

We just replaced all 6 batteries. The lights come on but the cart will not move when we press the pedal. I hear o clicking from the silanoid. Do we need to charge the brand new batteries before it will work even though the lights came on ?

New batteries won't charge
by: Anonymous

Did you ever figure out why your batteries won't charge because I'm having the same problem

wiring or battery backwards
by: Anonymous

Check the wiring as some bozo screwed up a positive to neg or something stupid like that. I would insist on new batterys after you find their mistake!!!

single new battery charge
by: signitquick

We replaced our golf cart batteries with 6 new Trojans 3 weeks ago. The cart ran ok for a while then began slowing down and would not keep a charge for more than a few hundred feet. Took the cart back to the dealer who replaced #2 battery with a new one. Now, the charger won't charge... new battery is reading 8.4 volts but the original 5 read only 7.8 volts. The charger will switch on, reading about 15 amps, then switch off in about 2-3 minutes. Is the fresh, charged battery causing the charger to turn off prematurely? Should I use a shunt on the new battery so the charger will not "read" it?

Hi, Sign -
I think I'd take all the batteries back and insist that they try again and give you 6 equal batteries. The trouble sounds like it might be that the originals are older than the new one. For the price you paid, you should get a pack that's already equal and balanced.
It's their problem, let them fix it; )
- Lynne

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