NiMH Hybrid Batteries in an EV Conversion?

by Arthur Kinney
(Rockford IL)

I am converting a 1999 Ford Probe into an electric car. I have found really really cheap 7.2v NIMH battery modules used in the Toyota Prius. My question is how many modules would I need to run conversion at highway speeds on commutes of under 20miles?

Hi, Arthur -

Allen Antonucci from Duke's Garage says:

"This question can only be answered after determining the amp hour rating of the batteries
and the recomended voltage of the motor being used.

Typically we use a 9in A/C motor which requires 108 volts minimum with around 20 KWH capacity. So around 15 of your batteries."

Thanks, Allen!
- Lynne

Duke's Garage is an EV conversion shop in Westminster, CO that specializes in classic cars.

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