Nissan Frontier a Good EV Conversion Choice?

by Max
(Boulder, CO, USA)

Has anyone ever seen a 4 door Nissan Frontier truck converted? The older ones ~2000 appear to be a little smaller and lighter. I know it's a little heavier than a Ford Ranger, but should be similar in size and weight.

Just wondering if anyone out there has ever seen it done. I'd like to end up with a vehicle that me, my wife and 2 kids could all hop in and drive around town in. The 4 door gives that option. Just a regular truck conversion wouldn't work well for the whole family.

Hi, Max -
That's a big truck.
It's a LOT heavier than the Ford Ranger we're used to converting, before all the trucks went on steroids a few years back.

So that's not to say it can't be done; consider using two AC motors working together, and fill the truck-bed with batteries.

There's an F-150 (about the same size as your Frontier, I think?) here on the EV Photo Album using a big DC motor and 144 volts...cheaper, but his acceleration and range are less than exhilarating.

It's up to you, but I'd either go with the AC drive system with higher voltage, or think about trading to a lighter car.


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Nissan Frontier 4 x4
by: Eddie R

I have a 2005 Crew Cab Nissan Frontier (Automatic transmission)that began acting up with a transmission problem. that would be a $7000+ or so job if it is really the transmission as the trend with these 2005 model vehicles. If I couldn't get it fixed I would like to hopefully convert it someday.. current GVW is 4880 lbs or something like that, but you remove the engine, the transmission, and other supporting system and the fuel tank, and with newer battery technologies, I suspect and hope that it will actually end up being lighter than the original GVW.

frontier for conversion
by: jimd

I plan on converting my Nissan frontier. It is a model year 2000, 2 wheel drive and is very much lighter than the ford ranger. The older frontiers are the same as the older nissan and datsun mini pickups and are ideal. The frontier in the photo shown is a later model when nissan started making monster trucks.

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