On-board gasoline generators to give unlimited EV range?

by Walt
(Stafford, VA)

How could I add an on-board gasoline-powered electric generator to power my electric conversion pick-up? Is it feasible to then use this to power the electrical needs of the vehicle to give me unlimited range after my batteries are expended (think Chevy Volt)?

Hi, Walt -
Yes, you can, and yes, it's been done. You can read an interview I did with someone who has installed a portable generator in his electric pickup truck conversion by clicking the link over on the right under "Recommended Reading" - the one that says "Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid".

The coolest thing about his portable generator powered EV conversion?

He can turn it off and on from the driver's seat, so that he can run only on electric power when he wants, but turn on the generator when needed.

Oh, and he can actually take the generator out of the truck to save weight when he knows he's not going to be needing it. Can't do that with a Chevy Volt.

Best of luck with your project. Thanks for writing in!


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