One Golf Cart Battery - the Weak Link!

by Oscar
(Ankeny, Iowa)

I have one Trojan Battery that only shows 5-6 Volts on a hand held meter. The other 5 show 8.3 to 8.45 volts. Can I just replace the weak battery without affecting the integrity of the others?

Hi, Oscar -
Well, I would. Not everybody would agree with me, but they're not paying for the batteries, are they?

I wonder, are you running your accessories from the battery pack? And if so, are they hooked up directly to that weak battery?

If so, that could be causing your problem. There are a couple of ways to fix that problem so it doesn't happen next time; one way is by using a DC/DC converter, which will spread the additional load out among all the batteries - and the second way is to carry an additional deep cycle battery, separate from the pack, just to run your extra stuff.


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