Prius Batteries in my EV project?

by Ron

Can I use my two 270v NiMH Prius batteries to power the EV I'm building with an AC 3 phase induction 10 hp 3500 rpm motor?

Also, do they make a DC to AC inverter in this power range: dc270 ac240 and dc540 ac480? I have finished the car frame and ready to go forward but I have questions.

Hi, Ron!
First question I can answer: Don't.
Your Prius batteries are not designed to deep cycle, they're high-power rather than high-energy, and won't appreciate the abuse.

For the second question, let's ask Dan Bentler.

He says:
If you want highway speed you are going to need a larger motor than 10HP - up around 50 HP. You'll want to read "Build your own Electric Vehicle" before you get started on your project.

You can use a VFD rated for 230 VAC line and connect battery direct to DC buss. This will require a DC voltage of 230 x 1.4 or about 300 - 320 VDC.

- Dan

Best of luck with your project, Ron!


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