Public Charging Stations and EV Conversions

by Jeff Bellamy
(Colymbus ohio)

electric car charging stations - olympia WA

electric car charging stations - olympia WA

Can you get a battery charger for a conversion that will work with commercial EV car chargers currently being installed throughout the country?

Hi, Jeff -

Look for the SAE J1772 EV interface in a 220v charger - pretty much standard for EV chargers - or else the charger will just use a regular 110v plug. Either of those will plug into a commercial charging station.

Joe Lambrix from Plug In Olympia says:

"Most EV conversions will do both voltages, 110 and 220. Most of the charging stations I list on Plug In Olympia have both 110 (L1) and 220 (L2) voltages.

The station in the picture above is typical and has both."

All the best,

P.S. Here's a video that sort of shows how it all works; )

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