Regular Car Batteries in a Golf Cart

by Oscar Quiros
(Golfito, Costa Rica)

What would be the problem of me using regular car batteries in my golf cart? I just need to connect them in line to add to 36 volts. Am I missing something by using 6 6 volt batteries?

Hi, Oscar -
Yep, you're going to be very disappointed with regular car batteries in your golf cart.

Regular car batteries provide plenty of cranking amps for turning over the ol' Buick's engine, but they don't provide a large flow of amps over a long period of time...over and over again. That requires a deep cycle battery. Your car battery will give out after a few deep cycles.

Are golf cart batteries really deep cycle batteries? Not exactly. Classic deep cycle batteries like the Concorde SunXtender don't like the bouncing and jostling and vibrating environment of a golf cart, so golf cart batteries were invented as a "good enough" battery that could be deep-cycled over and over again, at the same time being tough enough to be bounced all over a golf course; )

Even marine deep cycle batteries don't do as good a job in a golf cart as a real golf cart battery.


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