Reliance 3-phase AC Motor

by Bryan C

Any thoughts on the Reliance Electric Duty Master AC Motor?

I seem to be able to find a few of these with 50hp for decent prices. Say $500 or less. Is this a good option?

And a secondary question to that would be, is there a bad option if it's an 3 Phase AC motor with at least 40hp?

Hi, Bryan -
This seems to be the motor of choice for the Plymouth Voyager minivan conversions (like this one and this one) on the EV Photo Album, for some reason. Go figure: ) So yes, that Reliance motor is already being used in some electric cars.

The only bad option, as far as I know, is too heavy for your application, too light for your application, or if you're getting a used one, too worn out or burned up.


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