Should I Convert my SLK Mercedes to Electric?

by Val Bachmayer
(Seattle, WA)

I am considering converting my SLK Mercedes to electric. Do you think it is a good candidate?

Hi, Val -
It's lovely.

On the one hand, I want to say yes, because it's got the right shape, it's reasonably lightweight and aerodynamic, and will make a really fun conversion that you'll enjoy drive and the rest of us will enjoy looking at.

On the other hand, I'll bet this car has a lot of power accessories and luxury whatnots, right?... And that's not so good. All that stuff drains battery power, and you're better off without it.

Worse news, it might have an automatic transmission, too. That's generally not best for electric car conversions.

It's your call. It might not be the straight forward, inexpensive conversion you're thinking of, though.

(Check out pages 128-129 of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle for a list of donor vehicle characteristics that make for a happy EV conversion.)

All the best,

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