Should I Get All New Batteries, Or Just a Few?

by Lulu
(Palm Beach ,FL)

I was told I have to replace all 6 batteries @95.00 each; that's a LOT of it necessary?
The man said if I didn't, the old ones would just drain the new ones!

Hi, Lulu -
Um, between you and me, personally, I've always been one to pay no attention to advice I don't want to hear.

I'd be thinking...,"The man said I have to replace all six batteries at once, at 100 dollars each! That's 600 bucks! Is that HIS 600 bucks? No! Then it's real easy for him to say "spend it", isn't it??"

And I also have to admit, as long as I'm in the confessional, that this policy hasn't served me all that well, but I'm lucky JUST OFTEN ENOUGH that I keep doing it.

So here's the denial-buster formula I use to improve my odds of winning the "advice ignoring" game. I go on an impartial fact-finding mission.

First, ask yourself: How old are my batteries? If I got them all at once, and it was 5 years and thousands of miles ago, honey, I think your man was right. Bite the bullet and change them out. Yeah, all of them. I know, I know. But I think he's right - a battery pack is only as good as the weakest battery.

Next: Do I have a good reason to believe that it's just one battery that's gone bad? As in, is one of them different from the others, a different batch, a different brand, a different age? Have you tested each battery so that you know for sure that it's not just one or two bad batteries? If you suspect your battery vendor is just trying to sell you batteries in exchange for your "free battery test" (it happens), then see if you can pay for an impartial test.

Then: What's the worst that can happen? You're risking the loss of a hundred bucks to avoid having to spend six hundred. Can you afford to lose a hundred bucks if it doesn't work out?

Finally: Is the potential gain worth it? Put another way, would you buy a 100 dollar raffle ticket to win a 600 dollar item?

Hope this helps. Good luck, and keep us posted!


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by: Anonymous

My cart has six batteries they check out good but has a bad post what can I do just buy a good used one to go along with the rest????

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