Solar Powered Battery Charger

by Seann Connolly

Solar Powered Battery Charger on a Golf Cart!

Solar Powered Battery Charger on a Golf Cart!

Have you heard of SunGo's solar-powered battery charger for golf carts?

Here are some of the benefits of SunGo's solar battery charging systems:

You can extend the daily range of your golf cart from four to twelve miles.
You can use a clean, green energy source.
You can lower electric bills and extend battery life.
Maybe best of all...there's a 30% tax credit for most buyers (see IRS FORM 3468).

In fact, after the tax credit and depreciation, SunGo's charging systems can generate a 10% to 25% return on investment for commercial users. You can contact them to help you calculate an estimated ROI.

Please call with any questions you have: (352)753-7796.
Ask for Seann Connolly.

Or you can reach Seann at VILLAGESOLARGOLFCARTS(at)COMCAST(dot)NET.

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