Toyota Tercel Electric Car Conversion

by Rick
(Fort Smith, AR)

I have a 95 Toyota Tercel. The most basic you can get, which is a 1.5 ltr with a manual 4 speed.

What might I need in the way of converting to electric without loosing what little gonads the car has?

It don't have to rocket from a stop but a little more get up and go would be great of course.

From what I've read everyone seems to have differing points of view on a lot of what needs to go under the hood.

It doesn't need a lot of range. I go to work and back and run short errands with it in town.

Hi, Rick -
Yeah, the Tercel has been converted to electric, many times. Steve Clunn, a very experienced electric car converter in Florida with a company called Grassroots EV, has a picture of his Toyota Tercel EV conversion here on the EV Photo Album, along with a description of the components he used.

Steve's Tercel is a pretty basic DC conversion - 9" Netgain motor, 108 volts.

You might find a lot of differing points of view in the EV forums or wherever, but Steve actually does a lot of EV conversions, he's actually done THIS particular EV conversion, and he knows what he's talking about!


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