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I've got an Eagle Summit. The thought crossed my mind to supply the rear whls. w/electric motor/s. Hey, 31mpg today seems acceptable, being American I want MORE! The two-door I've got, I'm thinking about removing the back bench seat & replace with batteries. Wish,from what I've read, I could install lithium ion batteries,real cheap . Uh, maybe in 10 years?

Hi, Ed -
I like the way you think; )
A couple of things for you to read, if you haven't already: The first is an interview I did a while back with NetGain Motors, where they talked about a retrofit plug-in hybrid system they designed for gas-hogs - called the EMIS. It's a lot like what you're talking about doing.

Update 2011: As for lithium getting cheaper? Done! It's now cheaper than lead per mile. Check out my lithium EV battery page.

- Lynne

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