Vanagon Syncro EV Conversion

by Rob
(NB, Canada. )

I have an ‘87 VW Vanagon Syncro. I’ve done three petrol engine swaps and am ready to try electric. A Syncro is AWD and has rear engine space available as battery storage or motor...

What motor makes sense? I initially imagined multiple motors, either one for front and one for rear, or one per wheel... obviously this is inexperience talking.

What makes sense for this project?

Hi, Rob -
I think this is a fantastic idea.

Took your question to Steve Clunn at Green Shed Conversions in Florida. This is what he recommends for your Vanagon Syncro, along with the 2019 parts prices in USD:

Warp 9″ Motor: $2,450.00 (plus shipping)

Zilla Controller 1K- HV: $2,675 (plus shipping)

Emergency Disconnect: $45.00
Accelerator, PB-6: $115.00
500 Amp Fuse: $89.00
Meter: $99.00 (or BMS)

DC to DC Converter: $179.00

Adapter Plate, (for most, if available): $950.00 (will need Milling at a Lathe or Machine shop for completion) (plus shipping and tariffs and UPS fee)

Charger: TBD, depends on the batteries you choose and pack voltage.

Batteries: TBD. Calb LiFePO4 batteries are 1.35 per amp hour (which will determine how far you can go between charges), or you can get LEAF and Volt battery packs there, too.

They also said that Green Shed conversions does full, partial, and (best of all!) assisted conversions at their shop in Crystal River, FL.

With assisted conversion you can come in with your vehicle and get hands-on experience working along side Steve on your own conversion! It takes 2-3 weeks and you get a reduced hourly rate because you're doing some of the work.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your project.

- Lynne

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