What does a car with no ICE weigh?

by James
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

ICE Weight

ICE Weight

If I take my sister's 1995 Dodge Neon (currently 2500 lbs curb weight) and remove the engine, transmission, cooling system, fuel system, battery/starter/alternator, and anything else that is not needed for an electric car - all the ICE components - what would its approximate weight be?

I would like to know this in order to determine the "weight budget" for the EV components.

Hi, James!
You probably already know what you need to do to determine this: Take your curb weight and subtract the weight of all the unnecessary components from it.
Easier said than done, if you don't know how much your engine weighs! What are you gonna do, pull it out and plop it down on a scale?
Probably not; )

I don't have the numbers you're looking for, either, sorry.

Here's what I'd do for an approximation, I guess: The engine, drive shaft, and transmission make up the bulk of the ICE's weight, right? So call up a dealer, tell them you need replacements (!) and ask what the shipping weight would be on those items. Somebody will know the answer.

The automakers are so desperate to sell something - anything - these days that they'll probably find a way to be helpful.


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