Wheel Hub Motors

by Scott
(Friendship NY)

Do you think wheel hub motors will be available for the DIY market and if so, how soon?

Hi, Scott -

It looks like in-wheel motors might be coming! The video is about Luka EV, which is a Czech startup (hopefully) launching this adorable retro-looking electric car with wheel motors later this year (2019).

But as for DIY? Well, not yet. There is a company which makes motors for this purpose, called Protean; but they are currently selling only to manufacturers as far as I know.

The problem with in-wheel motors, and the reason why we don't see these around, is that wheels take a lot of abuse; and motors are only just now being developed which are robust enough to make sense being installed in the wheel.

Your guess is as good as mine. (Translation: no idea, sorry!)

If anybody's heard differently - leave us a link in the comments, okay?

- Lynne

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