Which car is most suitable for electric conversion?

by Bill
(Corio, Victoria, Australia)

I'm new to car converting but I'm a great believer in EVs and after watching "Who Killed The Electric Car" and reading a heap of EV web-sites, I thought I would have a go at creating my own EV. So I went searching for a suitable vehicle and have found three that I believe would suit my needs.
1: 1993 FORD CAPRI XR2.
2: 1987 Saab 9000.
3: 1986 Honda Prelude 2.0si.

All the above cars are 5 speed manuals.
Which of the above cars would be most suitable for converting to an EV?

I would like my EV to be able to travel at the speed limit of 70-80 MPH and have a range of about 80 miles between charging, most days the car would be used for transporting me or the wife to Doctors apointments, shopping trips to our local store and visiting the kids and grandkids and trips down the coast to my mates place, that's where I need the 80 miles between charging.

I would also like to use an AC motor via a pure sine wave inverter but I have had no luck on finding anyone in Australia or a site online where I can get more information on just what size AC motor and what size pure sine wave inverter I need for the job.

Bill from Aus'

G'day, Bill!

First rule of EV conversion: Convert the car you love. If you love them all, then convert the one with the least rust and the least expensive parts; )

If you want those speeds and that range, better make it AC.

Talk to Eric Tischer about the inverter. He's got a nice AC conversion, built his own inverter, and is in the process of building them for sale on Ebay. That link goes to his EV Photo Album page, which has his email address on it.


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