Will These Deep Cycle Batteries Work for my EV?

by Bob
(Houma, La)

Can you tell me if this battery will work for my EV?

Exide Marathon M12V90F 12V 90Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

Applications include UPS, Telecommunication (Wireless, Cellular, Distributed Power, PCS, Broadband), Emergency Lighting, Utility (Switchgear Control Power), Railways

Hi, Bob!
There are people using them in their EVs, according to the EV Photo Album.

Doesn't mean they should be, though; )

The applications you listed (from the manufacturer's website, right?) definitely give clues that these might not be the deep-cycle batteries you're looking for. These might be the kind to provide storage for your rooftop solar array.
Real deep-cycle batteries are not exactly well suited for EVs, and this is why: they don't like to be bumped and jostled. The best deep cycle batteries have solid plates inside, are heavy as...lead, hehe, and STRONGLY object to being bounced around.
Golf-cart batteries, on the other hand, while they claim to be deep-cycle batteries, are really a compromise battery. They store plenty of juice, deep-cycle many times, and are rugged enough to put in a vehicle.

So golf-cart batteries are the best for your EV, and marine batteries second Marine batteries don't tend to have the cycle-life of a golf-cart battery.


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