Chevy Astro Electric Car Conversion

by Raed Badr
(Garland TX)

Electric car conversion?  Not my first choice.

Electric car conversion? Not my first choice.

What is best electric motor to convert my van? I use it for light loads and most of the time its empty and can i keep the same transmission and if you can give tips how to mount the motor and things I need to watch for while I'm doing the job.

Hi, Raed -

I'm afraid I'm going to have to be the one to tell you what you don't want to hear...

...this conversion you're proposing is probably going to be a turkey.

If I were in your shoes, and I wanted an all electric vehicle, I'd look for a different donor. The one you've got is heavy (4000 pounds or so), automatic transmission, less aerodynamic than your average brick, et cetera.
Before you go any further, get a book to read on converting your car to electric.
Then, decide whether you're really committed to the van.
No? Get a lighter vehicle.
Yes? Maybe turning your Astro into a plug-in hybrid using an Electric Assist System might make you happier than straight electric.

If you've got to make a heavy vehicle electric, you should use an AC motor.


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AC-50 & Curtis 1238R-7601
by: Anonymous

Use the AC-50 & Curtis 1238R-70601 contoroller in the AC kit & use 108volts 100ah LifePO4 batteries you'll get about 65-80 miles per charge in the van with an easy 70mph.

Why Not Bring It All Together!
by: Anonymous

Has anyone ever thought about using Tesla's black box , radiant or ambiant energy or his battery recharging system to an Electric Conversion.
Thats what I want to do. Bring it All Together!

Get Off the Grid as well!

Has anything changed? Astro van wise
by: Anonymous

I have a 2003 ...want to convert it...anything powerful enough to push this thing along the road yet?

Yes, and it will cost you plenty.

The military has electric powered tanks - so it's not like there's no motor or battery combination that will move a heavy car. It's more that you don't get the same bang for your conversion buck as you do in a light vehicle.

- Lynne

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