Electric Corvette Kit Car

by Luis E
(Chino Hills, CA)

World Class Exotics' Diablo Kit Car

World Class Exotics' Diablo Kit Car

I am considering building a nice sports car kit but electrify it instead of gas power.

The one I am thinking about is FactoryFive.com's very sleek and sexy GTM sports car - based on a corvette drive train. I might use a lighter drive train, though.

Is this something that has been done before?

Hello, Luis -

Oh, yes, it's certainly been done before.

The Electric Lambourghini Diablo in the photo above is a kit, and there are several others to see at the EV photo album.

2011 Update: I've recently had an interesting interview with an electric car company, Venus Motors, who has partnered with several fiberglass kit companies to offer custom electric vehicles with nice AC-50 electric motors and LiFePO4 batteries.

I think the thing that's most exciting to me about Venus Motors is that they've got this vision for rebuilding America's small business backbone by helping people start EV-building shops using Venus Motors' partnerships in the custom car industry AND their electric pan, an EV version of the VW pan these kits usually use.

Very cool idea.


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