Switching from 6v to 12v Batteries

by Jeff York
(Asheboro, NC)

I have an EZ-GO 36 volt three wheel golf car that uses six 6 volt batteries. Can I use three 12 volt batteries instead, and lighten the load?

Hi, Jeff -
Yes. There's no problem with this.

However, expect your range to decline somewhat. The controller is not that good at regulating the amp draw from the batteries, so it tends to go quicker.

Also, don't expect the cycle life to be as long as your old Trojan 6 volt batteries; )


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6V Golf Cart Batteries

by Sherry Meinhardt
(Cincinnati, OH )

I have to replace my 6 6V golf cart batteries for my mid 80's year Club Car. As 6V's are sometimes hard to find, can I replace with 3 12V car battteries as that's still 36 Volts?

Hi, Sherry -
Yep, the controller doesn't know the difference.

Two things to be aware of:

First, the size of a 12v battery might be different than a 6v, so you may have to accommodate that.

Second, your range might not be as good, as 12v batteries can be drained faster.


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Changing Golf Cart Battery Voltages

by Tim Avary
(Placida, FL)

Will my golf cart operate normally with 4 8-volt golf cart batteries, vs the 6 6-volts? In other words, will 32 volts, instead of 36 run the motor ok, or will it significantly shorten it's life? How about 40 volts vs 36?

Hi, Tim -
This is a question not of the motor - the motor should be fine, either way - but of what the controller can handle. I wouldn't think 4 volts either way would matter that much; maybe somebody else could chime in if they disagree.

The charger might be a problem. They usually come in either 36v or 48v, and are not interchangeable, and the type that can be programmed to accommodate different voltages tend to be expensive (so that's probably not what came with your golf cart; ).

8 volt golf cart batteries are lighter, as you probably know, but will shorten your run time considerably from the 6 volt golf cart batteries you've been using.

I don't know. Is it worth getting a new charger?

All the best,

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