Durango Electric Car Conversion

by Claricio
(Southbridge, MA)

I have a 99 Durango I was thinking about converting to electric. I need the parts and if you know where can I get them.

Hi, Claricio -
I wouldn't recommend a giant Dodge Durango V8 for an electric car conversion. Why? Because it's heavy, heavier than it's worth.

You'll wind up with either an expensive conversion or an unsatisfying one, a slug that will maybe get you to the mailbox and back before needing a recharge. Or...

...you can sell your unsuitable donor vehicle for SCRAP metal, or whatever, and get something light and roomy like a Chevy S-10 (put the batteries in the bed) or better yet, a Porsche!

I know, you're thinking, "this is the donor vehicle I've GOT, Lynne. Just tell me how to electrify it!"...but really, it's not that good an idea. Let it go.

That two cents worth of advice will save you like 25 thousand bucks in EV parts. You're welcome; )

All the best,

P.S. If you find a suitable donor vehicle, like the Ford Ranger, maybe...Carl Clark in the video above sells EV parts, kits, batteries and such. He's in Utah, and I believe he will ship to you there on the East Coast of the US.

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Sizing Car vs Motor

Is it cheaper/more efficient to size the motor for the car or the car for the motor?

The car for the motor. Light donor, cheaper conversion.

- Lynne

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