Hybrid-Electric SUV Conversion

by Anon.

Has anyone thought of mounting a 20hp motor on a reinforced differential cover with 2nd pinion on the ring gear facing rearward? Basically the Poulsen system on a rear wheel drive SUV (Yukon). Lead Acid batteries would last for about 20-30 miles of speed maintaining with regenerative braking.

People have thought of all sorts of things, you'd be amazed. So would I, come to think of it; )

Actually, all sorts of power-assist hybrids are being done, both by individuals and companies. I talked to NetGain last year about their own EMIS plug-in hybrid kit, and asked them about the Poulsen hybrid system and its similarity to their own hybrid system.
The difference, as far as I can tell, is that the Poulsen uses in-wheel motors, and a higher voltage system. NetGain's EMIS uses one of their TransWarP motors, and a 48v system.

One significant difference between these two plug-in hybrid retrofits is that the Poulsen hybrid is still in the process of coming to market...and the NetGain is already HERE.

Works for me.


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