Importing Electric Vehicle Conversions to Canada

by Tom

Are there any converted vehicles for sale in Canada? I find a few on Ebay but not from Canada. I'm afraid to bring one in from the US...probably die in paperwork if it is even possible.

Hi, Tom!
Well, yes, there are converted vehicles for sale in Canada. One of my favorite EV conversion shops, Canadian Electric Vehicles, is located near Vancouver, BC. (You can read my interview with Canev here.)

That's clear across the country from you, so tack an extra thousand or so onto the cost of your conversion for the shipping costs.

About the import paperwork: The Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles website SWEARS it's not that hard; ) Really, EV conversions tend to fly under the official radar because they don't SEEM, to the uninitiated, any different that the original car. An electric Chevy S-10 looks just like a gas-powered Chevy S-10. The VIN is the same. The safety equipment is the same. I find the insurance companies and the DMV down here in the States treat a conversion exactly like its gas-guzzler twin. long as you look at the RIV's list and make sure the car is on the approved list in it's GAS form, it should be a piece of cake.

I guess if it were me, I'd be taking advantage of the weak US dollar right now. You could get yourself a really good deal!


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