Parallel Electric Hybrid Conversion

by Craig

Mr. Sharkey's Parallel Hybrid Conversion

Mr. Sharkey's Parallel Hybrid Conversion

Has anyone used a electric drive system to use either gas/diesel or electric or both in a conversion?

Hi, Craig -

Yes, it's been done.

A parallel hybrid, as you may have heard, is one that can use either the ICE (internal combustion engine) or the electric motor to move the wheels.

Most of the "fake" hybrids being produced in Detroit fall into this category. Why fake? Because the car's (giant SUV's, rather) computer tells the ICE to do most of the work. The electric system is often just a mobile power-tool charging unit. It gets no better gas mileage than any other gas-guzzling SUV.

That's not you, though; )

You'll be designing a parallel hybrid that YOU can control...

...and the ICE will just be there to extend the range.

This is what Mr. Sharkey has done with his pusher trailer.

Interestingly, this is exactly what people are doing with their plug-in hybrid conversions.

The combination series/parallel "synergy drive" is a little different, but the effect is the same - an electric car with unlimited range.


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Isn't that series hybrid!?
by: Anonymous

If an ICE is charging a battery pack, that's series hybrid right? Not parallel.
Parallel hybrids would be ones where output torques are added from the motor & ICE.

Make your own hybrid
by: George

A kit (EMIS) is available from

Good Answer
by: Bob

Too complicated for me, though.

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