Where Can I Get Parts For My Electric Conversion Project?

by Chuck

The fabulous Tesla Roadster

The fabulous Tesla Roadster

Two questions:
One, I keep hearing about battery life. What does the new Tesla roadster use that gives it such long battery life?

Two, I'm planning to build a conversion. I need to know where I can go to purchase the motor, and other parts. I've got a kit car on a older VW platform, using the transaxle and other aspects of the VW set-up.

Hi, Chuck -
The Tesla has lithium batteries.

Lead acid golf cart batteries, the kind most electric car conversions use, are cheap and readily available - but you have to replace them more often than other battery chemistries, like nickel and lithium.

If you want lithium batteries for your conversion, though, there are a few options out there now that are as cheap as lead per mile.

Check out my LiFePO4 batteries page for more info, including where to get these!

As for parts...I have recently run across a great company called Venus Motors that sort of specializes in custom electric cars like you're planning on building. They're using fiberglass body kits, AC-50 motors, and LiFePO4 batteries.

Parts or conversion kits for these? Try Canadian Electric Vehicles.


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